I had seen Tates work with a friend of mine, June Weaver (an awesome photog with film and digital by the way), and I had reached out to shoot with her, she said sure. We set a date to meet at the studio and casually shoot some film with whatever she wanted to bring. I told her I would help with the posing to get the look that I wanted. Unfortunately, I received a phone call ten minutes before I arrived at the shoot that needed me to head back down south.

I called Tate to let her know and that I felt terrible! I offered her a ride back to her place to make up for getting all the way downtown. But during the ride we had a great conversation about life, Seattle, jealously, and love. I definitely knew I wanted to reschedule with her and soon.

Later during the month we both found a date and got back into the studio. I was really happy with how comfortable and confident she was. She was also creative with wanting to make art. I asked her if I could shoot some digital video for the last twenty minutes we had in the space and wow, we made an amazing video in that short amount of time, as well as some amazing images. You can find the video here