I reached out to Eleanor to shoot with not much of a concept in mind, but just knowing I wanted to work with her. Her soft features and strong eyes gave a look of longing or something deep, I couldn’t put my finger on it. I was, and still am, having an influx of creativity with my recent life changes and I knew my mind would think of something. About a week before the shoot I pitched the idea of using tutu’s in strange ways. It was random, it was a google ad that popped up one day on my computer that showed them. I thought about her features and envisioned her as a flower, a doll even. I was excited when she agreed to it.

My ideas come from everything, I have a running list now, after not having a list at all. I was very un-creative for a long time because I focused on the wrong things, lost the motivation, lost my imagination. I guess where I want to leave this post is that creativity comes and goes, and that’s okay, you need the downs to know when you are up.

You need to suffer to know when you are happy.

The positive and negative.

You need both to be balanced.