This set with Emma was shot only using two rolls of 120 Portra 400 film. I came to the studio with several rolls of 35mm film as well, however, the magnet on the shutter to my Canon A1 had locked up (a common problem with these cameras) and I left me little screw driver tool set at home so that I could open it a release it. So, all we had was 30 frames using the Mamiya 645, but Emma was wonderful and we walked away with some amazing shots.


Amazing features, beautiful eyes, and an extremely genuine personality. I had pitched the idea of scandal or disgrace to Jodi in the form of taboo and color. The results turned out perfectly. The nuns habit with contrasting facial features from Jodi and the striking red dress in the space give a feeling of self empowerment.

I feel that in most of my photography sessions, I share apart of myself with them. Relationships, love, music, whatever the topic may be. I love that part about what do, I love getting to know people and where they are in their life.

When I look at these images, I remember the conversation. I remember the sharing of souls and lives, even if it was just for an hour.


I reached out to Eleanor to shoot with not much of a concept in mind, but just knowing I wanted to work with her. Her soft features and strong eyes gave a look of longing or something deep, I couldn’t put my finger on it. I was, and still am, having an influx of creativity with my recent life changes and I knew my mind would think of something. About a week before the shoot I pitched the idea of using tutu’s in strange ways. It was random, it was a google ad that popped up one day on my computer that showed them. I thought about her features and envisioned her as a flower, a doll even. I was excited when she agreed to it.

My ideas come from everything, I have a running list now, after not having a list at all. I was very un-creative for a long time because I focused on the wrong things, lost the motivation, lost my imagination. I guess where I want to leave this post is that creativity comes and goes, and that’s okay, you need the downs to know when you are up.

You need to suffer to know when you are happy.

The positive and negative.

You need both to be balanced.


I had seen Tates work with a friend of mine, June Weaver (an awesome photog with film and digital by the way), and I had reached out to shoot with her, she said sure. We set a date to meet at the studio and casually shoot some film with whatever she wanted to bring. I told her I would help with the posing to get the look that I wanted. Unfortunately, I received a phone call ten minutes before I arrived at the shoot that needed me to head back down south.

I called Tate to let her know and that I felt terrible! I offered her a ride back to her place to make up for getting all the way downtown. But during the ride we had a great conversation about life, Seattle, jealously, and love. I definitely knew I wanted to reschedule with her and soon.

Later during the month we both found a date and got back into the studio. I was really happy with how comfortable and confident she was. She was also creative with wanting to make art. I asked her if I could shoot some digital video for the last twenty minutes we had in the space and wow, we made an amazing video in that short amount of time, as well as some amazing images. You can find the video here