About Jennifer Thomas


Photographer Statement

Photography is an exploration for me, a journey to capture the elements of the abstract, the essence of the individual, and the emotion of the garments. Before taking a photograph, I spend extended periods of time getting to know the light, colors, shapes, textures, feelings, and composition within my frame. It is through this process of discovery that I find the angle I wish to emphasize, the mood I want to convey, and the identity of the subject. I want to create an image that makes you feel, remember, and desire.


Jennifer is portrait and fashion photographer based out of the Seattle area. Her ambition is to capture the beauty and natural sensuality that each of us have, to capture the life of emotions, to explore the exquisiteness in all of us, and to showcases how our differences and uniqueness make us beautiful.

Jennifer Currently resides in Seattle Washington and is self-represented and takes clients on a limited basis. Inquire about her availability: